Supercomputing on Edge

100 watts Edge AI Computing Platform 

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160 TOPs Performance

1,600 times faster than Intel Movidius.

300 Gbps Interconnect

Lightning fast data interconnect

16 TB Storage Capacity

150 Gbps read / write bandwidth to disk

Go360 Edge AI Rig


This standalone computing rig is a application agnostic system that can be deployed on the edge with 160 Tera Operations per Second performance with only 100 Watts power consumption. The system supports 24 cameras, up to 6 LiDARs and a myriad of sensors. The NVMe storage is quite fast and supports up to 150 Gbps read / write speed.

IP67 Water Proofing, 3 camera design, 8MP

Ruggedized Camera Design

8x Xavier NX Compute Modules

Parallelized Architecture