Synthetically enhance cameras with GANs


1. Boost camera frame-rate by 2x to 4x

2. Boost image resolution by 2x

3. Image inpainting to remove artifacts introduced by weather

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Go360 GANCAM uses Sony IMX 477 12.3 MP CMOS


We route the MIPI PCB traces via HDMI to enable up to 15 meters of connectivity without serialization

4K Resolution

Go360 Cameras utilize high resolution images produced from the Sony IMX 477 camera and further enhance the resolution with GANs

We use a single board, single connector design to bypass unnecessary wires and serializer boards.

Single Board / Single Connector

PCB Trace Level Time Synchronization for a wire free XVS Time Signal. We route the XVS signal via HDMI connector.

Time Synchronization

240 Frames Per Second

Capture motion at a high frame rate enabling slow motion videos

Superior Image Quality

High Signal to Noise Ratio with High Dynamic Range. 


GANCAM uses Generative Networks

Artificial Intelligence has the capability to imagine with generative networks. We exploit that capability to synthetically enhance camera performance.

We can boost the framerate and the image resolution using Generative Adversarial Networks

Image Augmentation

Sometimes, images have unwanted artifacts such as rain droplets, foggy conditions or low light conditions. We use Generative Adversarial Networks to infer the missing information.

Image Inpainting

- Steve Warner, Product Manager at Google

"Go360 synthetic cameras enable several use cases."


Use GANs to synthetically augment 4K Cameras


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